April & May 2018 | Group Project

PDE Branding 2018

"Create a coherent brand to represent the Product Design Engineering Class of 2018"

I worked with some talented classmates to create the visual identity of the PDE Degree Show 2018. I enjoyed the process of working with classmates to think about the identity of Product Design Engineering, and creating various visual ways of communicating this. The essence of the course is our interdisciplinary approach, the synthesis of practical knowledge and creative ideas coming together to form coherent and tangible solutions.

The branding we created was centred around the idea of contours; the fluidity of the contours aims to represent the dynamic, organic nature of our design process, continually changing, linking and adapting - diverging and converging. The specific shapes of the contours were inspired by the two hills on which our campuses sit; the University of Glasgow on Gilmorehill, and the Glasgow School of Art at Garnethill. 

We created both the website and the print booklets, an especially satisfying process. 

All work produced was a collaboration between myself, Max Campbell, Kevin O'Malley, Jessica Thomasson, Andrew Hutcheson and Russell Kilgour. Thank you all for being such a great team. 

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This exercise was a very positive collaborative experience, and I'd like the opportunity to do more of this work in the future. 

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