September - December 2015 | Group Project

Breeze Box

"Design a way to help eliminate the concept of waste in developed society by promoting it as a valuable material resource"

This was a group project in response to a brief all about designing for the Circular Economy from the 2016 RSA Student Design Competition. 


We designed the Breeze Box, an alternative to cardboard shoeboxes which has added functionality and encourages users to recycle their old shoes when they get a new pair. The shoebox has a whole service surrounding it, and we envisioned it could be rolled out by Nike, who have shown an interest in environmental causes and already have a shoe recycling scheme. 

Looking back; while I still believe in the concept and admire our lateral thinking regarding this tricky brief, the Einstein quote which goes something like "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" comes to mind. In essence, we proposed a complex solution to a complex problem. A simple solution to a complex problem would have been better. 


Nonetheless, this project provided me with huge insight into the terrifying amount of waste we produce, how much the problem is ingrained in our culture and modern human behaviour, and how we as designers have a responsibility to create consciously. 

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