March - April 2016 | Individual Project

Chess Bench

"Design & detail a product for the context of Garnethill park, to benefit the community"

During research, I discovered there was a community outdoor chess set which was intended to be used in the park, but because the wooden pieces were heavy and stored elsewhere, it was never used. People didn’t even know about it. I decided to design a way to enable, instead of waste, this resource.


The chess bench is essentially a piece of public furniture, which brought community & social implications as well as logistical challenges. I used rapid prototyping to help develop the design and make decisions based on the user journey.

A simple but significant intervention, the chess bench securely and conveniently stores the pieces on site, while the windows increase visibility & awareness of the game. Community engagement was crucial to this project, and I devised an accountability system with the community centre for locals to gain access to the chess pieces.

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